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I think it is fitting to start the blog at the turn of the year. There is something beautifully restorative about this time. More-so given this year is also the turn of a decade. Every year, around this time, I get the urge to look back and reflect on the year past, and look forward to the year coming. It needn’t be specifically at the New Year. That is, after all, a social convention, but this is when I feel the urge to do so. So here we are.

So thank you 2019. It has been an excellent year. By that I don’t mean its been easy, far from it. But excellent. This year we welcomed our little boy into the world. What could be better than that? He has changed our lives in ways I couldn’t have imagined a year ago, and I feel I’m a different person for it. Hopefully better, too.

I have breastfed our little boy since his birth in April. It has been beautiful, exhausting, impossible. Everything. I wouldn’t change it for the world. Really. Even the difficult bits. Easy to say in retrospect, I am aware, but those difficult times have afforded me the knowledge that what I/we have done has been tough and beautiful and worth every second. We’re still breast feeding; our little one is eight and a half months old and I intend to feed him until I go back to work when he is one. At the beginning I set out to make it to when we weaned him onto food, about 6 months, but always hoped I could manage the year. I see no reason to stop before then, now that it is easy. In fact, my concern now is that I might find it difficult to wean him off! Oh how fickle I am.

We continue to navigate this world of parenthood. It is wonderful, it really is. Not what I expected at all, and yet everything I expected. I’m sure I’m not making much sense, really, but that’s how I feel. Its as though, despite having never done this before, everything is familiar. Like I already knew deep down what to do. How mother earth of me. Quite a lovely feeling, though, when prior all I could think was ‘Good God, how do I keep it alive?!’

Now I’m sure other stuff has happened in 2019. We continue to tinker with the house, and the garden. I’ve been getting out and about on my maternity leave, meeting people, doing things. But to be honest I could sum up 2019 with a short sentence.

We had our little boy and he changed our world.

So here’s to 2020. To the twenties (Side note – I wonder if flapper girls will be back in?). I can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store.

Take care


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